More London Hilton Hotel

A facade with haute couture appeal.

The name Hilton is synonymous with luxury, style and glamour and it was precisely this approach that was adopted by the architects during the planning of a new hotel facade in London. The facade resembles a shimmering evening gown, which envelops the building and offers a fresh blend of colours through a mixture of terracotta and copper, glass and aluminium, which has either been anodized or powder-coated. However, it was precisely this material diversity and the short project completion period that provided the main challenge for GIG during the realization of the contract.

Bovis placed an order with GIG at the beginning of November 2004, a decision in which the long-term, successful cooperation with Bovis Lend Lease Ltd. played a major role. In addition, GIG employed approx. 4.5 x 3 m large-size elements for the first time during this assignment, which was another reason for order allocation.

Realized by GIG:

  • 2.320 m² unitized facade with terracotta cladding
  • 1.100 m² rainscreen with terracotta cladding
  • 2.180 m² unitized facade with copper panels
  • 760 m² rainscreen with copper cladding
London, UK
Bovis Lend Lease Ltd
Jestico & Whiles