International architecture is in a phase of permanent transition. Indeed, exciting and innovative architecture has the power to polarize and fascinate people to a greater degree than virtually any other economic area. Modern structures become outstanding status symbols of our society and their facades a mirror of revolutionary aesthetics and highly developed manual skills. Global competition and rapid, technical progress spur architects, planners, developers and the companies completing the work on to ever greater creative and technical performance.

The architecture of tomorrow employs an unusual form language and integrates new types of construction and materials into its concepts. These include innovative facade solutions, which lend projects their “face” and visible character, as well as facades, which meet the demands of a new age due to their perfect realization, functionality, high degree of aestheticism and state-of-the-art energy technology.

We provide contemporary architecture with greater creative freedom and realize its visionary aspects.

Facades by GIG. The range.

  • UNITIZED – customized facade solutions in modular design
  • INDIVIDUAL – unique facade solutions, which are designed precisely for the respective object in question and are produced with perfect craftsmanship
  • GREEN BUILDING & CCF – ideal solutions for maximum energy efficiency as an active contribution to climate protection and Closed Cavity Facade - the unitized passive house facade to be suitable for high-rise buildings
  • MEDIA – media facades of every type for the use of the building shell as an exhibitive surface
  • STEEL & GLASS – solutions made of steel and glass for facades and roofs, specifically designed for every application
  • BRIDGES – individual links mainly made of steel and glass for use as pedestrian and cyclist bridge
  • MOVING & SHADING – moveable facade constructions for new design options; sun protection solutions as a part of the complete shell


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