Abford House "The Peak" London

The Peak London - A logistical masterpiece.

This newly completed office building is situated in central London near Victoria Station, which is one of the capital’s main transport hubs. This meant that during the building work, every day thousands of commuters passed the construction site on their way to and from work and thus storage space was at a premium. Therefore, optimum logistics for the precise completion of deliveries constituted one of the major project challenges. A task that was mastered with bravura by both the GIG teams in Austria and on-site.

For this project, large prefabricated elements with dimensions of 6.7 x 3.8 m were manufactured for the first time. Six of these elements were transported on steel boxes at once and upon arrival were then mounted directly from the truck onto the main eastern and western faces of the building. This work had to be completed in night shifts, in order to minimize the disruption to the many bus services operating around the site.

The north facade was clad with structural glazing elements with curved panes. LEDs were integrated into the elements in the form of horizontal lighting strips and these also lend the building an interesting aspect at night.

In cooperation with Messrs Haslinger, a curved steel structure weighing around 100 t was installed on the roof. Elliptical lamella profiles with spans of up to 7.5 m were suspended between the main, 400 mm-diameter beams. All in all, this involved some 40 t of aluminium sections, which were manufactured in the GIG plant in minimum time.

On the south side of the building, a monolithic photovoltaic system was integrated into a mullion-transom-facade that follows the complex form of the steel structure. The PV system provides approximately 30 KW of energy.

London, UK
Carillion plc
Sheppard Robson Architects