Musikvereinshaus Wien

Glass and Timber Hall

A symphony of space and sound. - Glass panelling "con brio", orchestrated by GIG.

Where technology sets the tone, GIG puts in a virtuoso performance.

The Musikverein is a venue of world renown. In the course of extensive renovation work the building, located in Vienna, was given an underground extension containing a number of concert and event halls. Apart from the glass ceiling in the timber clad hall ("Hölzerner Saal"), the entire panelling in the glass clad hall ("Gläserner Saal") was provided by GIG. This was an enormous challenge, especially in view of the fact that the glass, which was fixed to the walls, ceiling and surrounding both the orchestra and conductor, had to meet the most stringent optical criteria and every acoustic demand made of it.

Tradition with a fresh sparkle – Light effects using gold leaf.

The "Magna Auditorium" has unique flexibility that is provided by a special mobile structure made and installed by GIG. The concert hall can be readily converted into a conference centre, a cinema or a ballroom. High quality glass was used in a variety of thicknesses and partially covered in gold leaf. The computer-controlled movement of the glazed rear wall allows the creation of the optimum acoustics. A GIG designed illumination system installed in the joints between the glass panels creates atmospheric lighting effects. Following careful co-ordination, the provision of sample structures and successful testing this project can be regarded as a performance of international brilliance by GIG.

Wien, AT
Immorent AG für die Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien
Holzbauer & Irresberger - Brada - Magg
Leaf Award 2004