Gateshead Millennium Bridge

280 miles north of London

280 miles north of London there's another Millennium Bridge - at the river Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle.
The bridge's span amounts to 105 m. Upon necessity the bridge swings open and is intended for pedestrians only.

On top of heavy wedge-shaped boxes on both embankments two lightweight transparent pavilions are situated, which GIG created entirely of clear glass, including the fins that support the walls and roofs.

Strolling into the 21st Century - the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. A project that brings people together, using glass pavilions from GIG.
A prize-winning giant "eye". An eye-catching performance by GIG.

The Millennium Bridge linking Gateshead and Newcastle arches over the River Type in a stunning fashion. For anyone watching the manner in which the bridge moves offers a genuine spectacle, the footbridge being raised hydraulically to allow larger ships to pass. GIG was commissioned to provide two covered entry and exit pavilions on the riverpromenades. These tapering glass structures, which have a length of around 20 metres, are divided into ten sections. The special feature of the support structure is the use of glass stabilisers and struts, which apart from a few stainless steel point fixings, were bonded. One sliding door provides an entrance at the wider end of each of the pavilions. They are made of single sheet safety glass, with screen printing to the roof to prevent excessive warming. The Gateshead project has received a number of awards.

Gateshead, UK
Harbour & General Ltd
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Winner of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Stirling Prize 2002