New Bond Street London

A noble facade in a prime location.

This project involved the renovation of a block of buildings with various sections and facades subject to conservation orders and other parts that were entirely demolished. The resulting gaps were then bridged by structures with facades planned, produced and installed by GIG. In general, these consisted of prefabricated elements from the GIG 94 series, which blend into the appearance of the surrounding buildings on the New Bond Street and Maddox Street thoroughfares. The main optical elements in the New Bond Street facades are oriels and glazed terracotta, while in Maddox Street, glass blocks and aluminium cladding predominate. The building with the largest floor space is located in the inner courtyard of the block and is therefore invisible from the outside. It also has a facade composed of unitized cladding from the GIG 94 series with a curtain construction in timber, stainless steel and aluminium.

New Bond Street is one of the most expensive shopping miles in London and as a result of the exclusive location of the building and the correspondingly high rents, the steel construction was mounted on the outer edges of the object, in order to gain precious space. This was a major challenge as the GIG unitized facades were continually interrupted by the steel structure.

London, UK
Bovis Lend Lease Ltd
EPA Eric Parry Architects