International architecture is subject to development processes of a rapidity that is virtually unequalled in any other economic, social or cultural area. Increasing pressures, global competition and unexpected technical progress form an interface that confronts architects, planners and builders with a constant flow of fresh challenges.

As a leading international partner to demanding architects, planners and designers, GIG has long been a synonym for customized solutions.

Even the newest and most daring ideas can be visualized by means of innovative software and tested down to the smallest detail.

For our engineers elaborate 3D visualizations, elaborate static calculations in the FEM area, framework and complex glass calculations are all part of a normal day’s work.

The know-how and specialist competence of our in-house statics experts allow the rapid, but in-depth and straightforward examination of even the most extraordinary designs. Moreover, static calculations are completed with the aid of state-of-the-art programs.

Glass behaviour under extreme conditions is calculated and visualized in graphic form by means of special software in a method that already replaces part of the test series on actual models and thus saves time and costs. Naturally, the use of the latest equipment in the 3D design sector is a matter of course at GIG.

Extremely well trained personnel and the employment of modern software enable us to not only offer leading know-how that matches the trend towards increasingly complex facades and detailed solutions, but also provide the practical realization of the ideas of architects and customers. Accordingly, unusual building shells and spectacular details are simply no problem for GIG’s designers and engineers.