Schwedische Botschaft Berlin

Where facades show the flag. The Swedish Embassy in Berlin. Birch and stone in diplomatic harmony.
A framework for international relations. From GIG FASSADEN.

Because they are located together, Scandinavian Embassies in Berlin play a special role on the major international architectural stage of the German capital. The facade of the Swedish Embassy was built by GIG and is an innovative structure. For the first time a birch transom and mullion structure fitted with aluminium bolting channels was employed. A major difficulty in this regard was the transfer of the enormous weight of the glass panes, which for security and noise reduction purposes have an overall thickness of almost 50 mm, to the supporting structure. One unusual feature is provided by the patinated copper panels. However, the greatest challenge was the mounting of the stone cladding on the West and South facades. Bespoke steel structures were designed and produced to accommodate the unusual arrangement of the various stone elements. The result is a high quality facade, which combines a natural look with ambassadorial elegance.

Berlin, DE
Statens Fastighetsverk Stockholm
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